In addition to our professional network of contacts and list of buyers, we'll use the Internet to optimize the marketing of your listing throughout the world. In this day and age, a high percentage of buyers surf the web when looking for a home, and that will be a huge marketing strategy which you can't afford to miss. Sometimes the right buyer is waiting out of state, or even in another country. That is when a top professional ensures your home gets noticed and sells without a hitch for full market value. This could mean the difference between no sale and the payoff you've been waiting for since, for most of us, our home is our biggest investment. After all, without the help of a Realtor, marketing of your home can be time consuming and difficult. Moreover, advertising in the media is often expensive, and many buyers are reluctant to consider homes listed "For Sale by Owner."

When we list your home, we do so at no additional cost. When you start to get offers, we will represent you during the emotionally charged negotiating process and will ensure that you get the best price with favorable closing terms that are clearly spelled out. As your professional agent, we also take care of all paperwork related to the sale. If need be, we accommodate both parties throughout the transaction process including dealing with the lender or the escrow in order to finalize the deal smoothly.  We will make every effort possible to prevent the deal from falling through. 

We will gladly assist you in selling any type of property you may own. We always have eager and ready buyers.

With my team and I, we offer you the best from start to SOLD!

Reasons to Sell your home with Yadegar Realty:

  1. A competent and fair market comparison of your property value
  2. Get your home listed and talked about everywhere* 
  3. Professional advertising through online portals
  4. Marketing to our exisitng customer database local and abroad 
  5. Attract buyers via the Internet
  6. Have all the paperwork taken care of for you.
  7. Assist you at every step of the process
  8. Frequent showings of the property to potential buyers
  9. Our my vast knowledge of helpful tips and tricks in preparing for the Sale of Your Home,that will make the difference in the buyers mind to chose your home over another.

To facilitate the sales process, please have the following information and/or documents with you when we meet:

  • APN # (Assessor Parcel Number)
  • Desired price
  • Address of property
  • Type of real estate (house, condo, multi-unit, etc.)
  • Year the property was built
  • Exact dimensions
  • Detailed floor plan
  • Information about included furnishings
  • Documentation proving ownership
  • Brief description of the property

 I am glad you've taken an interest in our services, and we look forward to creating another happy client!

Please contact us for an appointment. It is our pleasure to sit with you and answer any inquiry for the sale of your property.

Looking To Sell Your Property?

Yadegar Realty, will quickly customize a plan with an effective price. A well-priced home will often generate competing offers and drive up the final sale value. Our market analysis takes into account the most actively searched prices, and home values throughout your area, including expired listings, and properties still on the market. In marketing your home, we also develop a listing that emphasizes its unique and sellable aspects. We then put your home in front of potential buyers, establishing it on the local MLS as well as broader ones, new listings sheets, and Realtor publications. 



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