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   We will also offer corporate relocation. We can assist your employees, their families, or the entire departments to a new location. 
​   We will assist them with all the necessary steps in order to have them settle in their new environment.

   We relocate many different practices on a regular basis.

   Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners
   Hospital Staffs
   Law Firms, Attorneys
   Certified Public Accounting Firms, and Individual Offices
   Private and Public Conglomerate Corporations
   Presidents, CEO’s, CFO’s COO’s
   -Stock Brokers
   -Investment Advisory Firms
   -Retirement Account Management Firms / Offices

   We tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual client. Contact us to discuss a personalized plan that suits your needs.
   We look forward to meeting with you at your convenience. Please make an appointment with us today for an one-on-one meeting 
   and we'll discuss everything you need to know to move ahead with your plans.

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Relocation SERVICES



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Having moved here, I personally know the ins and outs of relocating to a new           city. I understand the obstacles you will be facing once moving to Los Angeles         from anywhere in the U.S., or from a different country. We will make a smooth       transition for you and your family members by finding you rental properties or           single family homes, for purchase. We will help with arranging and finding                 schools for your children to ease up the transition for the entire family. We can         even help with setting up your furniture in order to have your residence ready upon your arrival.